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The Secret Behind Improving Your Email Marketing Plan

How To Build An Effective Content Strategy

The death of email marketing has been a hot topic over the past few years, but recent reports have shown it’s simply not the case. I.e. the bad examples you use: ‘Shop early’, ‘Book’, and ‘Donate’ don’t work as they tell the lazy and time-pressed recipient that they will have to take further actions once the email is opened, without telling them what they will get for their troubles.

List hygiene is absolutely critical to your Engagement Score… which is critical to getting email delivered to the inbox… which is critical to getting opens, clicks, leads, sales, puppy dogs, rainbows, ice cream and everything else that is wonderful in this world.

This is especially true in written communications and is something I call ”You” Messaging The main thing to remember is that no one wants to read sales and marketing ads and that you must therefore inject personality, warmth and spontaneity into everything you do. Be yourself and have fun with it.

Jeanne is Managing Director of the Digital Marketing Practice at Digital Prism Advisors and a recognized expert in email marketing strategy; she is included on the Cision list of the World’s Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers as well as the Litmus list of Top Email Marketing and Design Thought-leaders on Twitter.

Our state of the art hybrid permission based email marketing system allows you to increase the number of emails that get delivered to your email box even and for the leads the confirm to receive your emails get sent using an entirely different email provider making the email deliverability for response magic best in class.

It sounds straightforward, but email marketing campaigns can be difficult to coordinate and optimize, with cumbersome but essential tasks like identifying recipients, constructing an email list, and facilitating distribution consuming time and effort.

Depending on the service you choose, your list may actually grow just from visitors at your website – either immediately if the service can pinpoint an email address from the visitor’s IP address or after the user fills out a form and reaches a certain lead score.

Be proactive against improper spam labeling by first running your email through a spam check like the free Email Spam Test Input your subject line and HTML source code, and Email Spam Test will run your email against various tests like Bayesian spam filtering, link trackers, and more.

When evaluating email marketing services, it might be helpful to choose a service that allows you to integrate Google Analytics, a service that generates stats about your subscribers’ traffic from your email campaign or to create an A/B test campaign, which is a testing option that gives you the opportunity to test key features of your campaign in order to improve your email marketing strategy.

An email recipient cannot be required to pay a fee, provide information other than his or her email address and opt-out preferences, or take any steps other than sending a reply email message or visiting a single web page to opt out of receiving future email from a sender.

You start by deciding what you want to focus on, for example, open rates, click-through rates and so on. Then you create two emails: Email A and Email B. Email A will differ slightly from Email B in order to test which email achieves the best results.

Avoid words that will likely cause your email to be picked up by spam filters, such as these 100 spam trigger words and phrases to avoid Also, don’t use exclamation marks and all CAPS in the email subject line, as these have a good chance of getting flagged.

Another thing that customers can smell from a mile away is bad stock photography We know it’s a challenge (and expensive) to get quality photos and graphics to put in your marketing materials, but if you’re using images that look overly posed or don’t match your business, chances are it’s not doing you much good.

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