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How To Be A Leader With Email Marketing

Email Marketing Software

One of the fun things about working in real estate in the 21st century is technology. The ability to send a mass email and have each individual email sent as a reply to the last conversation with each recipient, creates a far better impression with the recipient than a new message would, because the email campaign is threaded within the conversation.

Delegates on this email marketing training course will learn how to grow opt-in databases, craft highly-targeted and personalised direct email marketing campaigns to drive ROI, and understand why email marketing is such an important channel in a digital marketer’s arsenal.

It also features easy integration with 3rd party applications, it’s search engine friendly, it has supreme security functionality, it provides commercial support through training and education, and it allows management of content by the end user (i.e. you).

ExpressPigeon – ExpressPigeon is a powerful email marketing platform with an extremely clean and easy-to-use interface, offering scaling pricing for businesses depending on number of subscribers, with paid plans including an unlimited volume of sent messages.

I have looked at/listened to and Googled Dangerous Mailer, mentioned above and known for their weird marketing tactics and guaranteed inbox delivery (simply, they contact each company to verify IF each and every email address is legit BEFORE sending, thereby eliminating bounces and getting respect from aol, outlook, gmail, etc.

To give you an idea of the malicious use of gmail, here are a small sample of gmail accounts used by this one person: www.greenhouse@, saxen20@, www.saxen@, saxen66@, saxen07@, www.aztecadegreaterkansascity@, www.caunitetowin.org6@, www.centralishiventureclub@, www.caunitetowin.org55@, www.infinityinternetsolutions5@, wwwbidtv14@, @, www.cmatint15@, ddb.com3@, www.cyrillus67@, arid.in3@, @, www.dmwayne@ plus hundreds more.

Think about the kind of content they will be interested in reading, and keep this in mind when designing your emails – it may be that you want to deliver different campaigns to different audiences, to make sure that the content is relevant and suitable to them.

The funniest example of this was when my previous company, Email Reaction, was sending out an official Budget announcement email on behalf of the Labour Party who were then in power in the UK. This was totally legit, and quite important, but it contained so many financial terms that it went to spam almost 100% of the time.

There are so many things you can do with email marketing, but many businesses who are successful with it, start out without a clear goal on how they are going to be using it. Before we start sending off emails to customers, we need to think about what the end goal is. Some examples can be driving traffic to your company’s site, sharing news about your business, or even providing special deals that you want to only offer to this select group of people who subscribe to your emails.

There are a number of great resources available with basic hints and tips on email marketing with blogs helping consumers to increase click-through-rates and ROI (there’s a great eBook here from email automation platform Act-On), but what I want to look are the more fundamental aspects of undertaking an email marketing strategy.

After creating other courses here at LeadPages®, including the Webinar Funnel System, the Facebook Advertising System, and the Affiliate Marketing System, I have been overwhelmed with gratitude from people all over the world who have taken action on my courses and coaching and seen fast results.

BLI email marketing services encompass all the features other email marketing service providers offer such as automating multi-stage campaigns but with the added bonus that ‘triggers’ can also be used to send voice calls and SMS text messages as well as follow-up emails.

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