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Effective Email Marketing

Marketing Strategy Planning

One of the best ways to increase exposure to your business is with email marketing. Among the things that I’m doing are researching for market opportunities, building prospect lists (calling and email lists), managing them according to specifications, scheduling, tracking results and searching for new verticals and generating business leads and appointments through LinkedIn.

People unsubscribe for a variety of reasons but the two main ones, according to JupiterResearch, are that the content is irrelevant and that email is sent too often, with 53% and 40% of respondents giving those as reasons for unsubscribing, respectively.

According to the Direct Marketing Association , when it comes to purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message, email has the highest conversion rate (66 percent), which beats other forms of marketing like social media, direct mail and more.

While it’s definitely shady to just throw in because” everywhere to manipulate people, using it to define logical reasoning behind why your visitors or subscribers should click a link in your email, sign up for your list, or join your webinar is just smart marketing.

If you send your newsletters at times when your readers are busy performing their daily routine, like driving to or fro work, preparing/eating food, bathing/putting their children to sleep, etc, then chances are, your email may get pushed down under the load of other emails and fail to get noticed.

Our email verifier software program is designed to automatically verify email addresses from various sources including text files, spreadsheets, Windows Address Book, Microsoft Outlook Contacts, and the vast majority of other contacts software programs currently in use.

In addition, the impact of digital agencies’ expertise in email marketing is significant – they achieve a significantly higher ROI than their in-house counterparts, not to mention taking advantage of more automated triggers, and using more email-related services provided by email providers.

Gmail’s interface also makes use of ‘labels’ (tags) – that replace the conventional folders and provide a more flexible method of organizing email; filters for automatically organizing, deleting or forwarding incoming emails to other addresses; and importance markers for automatically marking messages as ‘important’.

I’ve not been regularly mailing my list as much as I’d like (or perhaps should have 😐 ) but have made a resolution this year to send out an email once a week at the same time (1pm every Thursday) with an update of some sort like works in progress blog post, or time-elapsed videos, or invitations to exhibitions, or when new works are for sale or if I’m running a promotion etc.

Don’t put your profits in the hands of a third party, be in control of your email — OWN YOUR DATA, OWN YOUR AUTORESPONDERS, CONTROL YOUR INBOX DELIVERY, REPUTATION, DELIVERY SPEED and either send email for free using your SMTP or use any number of third party email senders of your choice like AMAZON SES API… No Monthly Fees!

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