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2008 June

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing has evolved rapidly alongside the technological growth that has occurred throughout the 21st century. This spreadsheet will help you develop campaigns that will drive customers along your funnel (the most important aspect of your online business) and you will also have a good idea of the goal of each email – very important for refinement and testing.

While technical solutions can help manage the distribution of email content across these different languages and markets, production and quality assurance become critical to ensure that what goes out in each language and to each market is correct, which again increases professional service needs.

The classification basically works in the same way for both Inbox and Gmail.There have been tons of articles published on how to trick the filters as well as case studies on the effect of the structured inbox, but at the end of the day there is no reason to trick filters.

When you need more features, you can upgrade to get more automation, segmentation and integration, so you can set up autoresponders, categorize your contact list to target demographics, and set up MailChimp to work with contact relationship management services such as Salesforce.

From opens and clicks to other actions, MailChimp gives robust reports that show subscriber activity, what worked and what didn’t in an email campaign, how a campaign is reaching your business goals, and even how your campaign compares with other MailChimp users in your industry.

Additional training and support services are available for an additional purchase, such as a Quick Start to set up your account, Design & Build to create custom templates, or a Personal Marketer package to have a dedicated expert on call whenever you need them.

With so many people spending so much time in Gmail, I thought it would be appropriate to bring to their attention the concept of being able to execute email marketing campaigns directly from within the application – especially since it was not built for that purpose.

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